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Great Sports Pins

In an effort to promote good behavior and sportsmanship in junior tennis, we are starting our "Great SportsĒ program at select junior tournaments across the state. Officials will now be able to award good behavior by presenting sportsmanship pins to juniors who exemplify exceptional sportsmanship during a match or tournament.

Examples of pin awards that occurred this past year at trial events:

  • A player assisting an opponent who was cramping
  • A player who offered one of her rackets to her opponent after the opponent had broken all of her strings.
  • A singles match played between two young players with exemplary behavior with parents that clapped for all good shots and congratulated each otherís child on their behavior after the match.

Officials may use their discretion when selecting pin recipients. They may also act on parentís or playerís recommendations for other children. Officials will be asked to document the name, age group, and event when a pin is awarded, and a sentence about why they were chosen. Recipients will be eligible for the annual sportsmanship awards given at the NC Tennis weekend in Pinehurst, but a junior may still win an annual award without winning a pin during the year.

Please email award recipients to: Tim Shoptaugh:

Congratulations to the following players who have received sportsmanship pins!

  • Lily Labiche
  • Greg Suhor
  • Ben Koch


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