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Louisiana Tennis Association

Wheelchair Tennis
25th Annual Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

2014 Cajun Classic Wheelchair Tournament Sign-Ups
The Cajun Classic is sanctioned by both the ITF and USTA. 

"The serves are fast, the game is strategic, the movement is unbelievable, and the shots are often spectacular. You really have to see it to believe it" 
-Jennifer Edmonson, tournament director

"This is one of the most popular tournaments on the circuit, and Baton Rouge is one of the nation’s most dynamic areas in terms of year-round wheelchair tennis opportunities and instruction. We all enjoy coming to Baton Rouge for the competition, hospitality and the great food”
-Dan James, national manager of Wheelchair Tennis, USTA


Last Year's Highlights:
107 professional and amateur tennis players from 15 countries competed in the 2013 Cajun Classic. This number includes nine Baton Rouge athletes were represented in the tournament including: Shane Theriot, Rich Swanson, Glenn Singletary, Alex Saporito, Karin Johnson, Ryan Guillory, Travis Carter, Kerry Ellis, and Shoeb Khan. Four men, women, and quadriplegics in each division of the top 10 International Tennis Federation stars also participated. 


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