How To Become an Official


Louisiana Needs Officials!

  • Do you enjoy tennis?
  • Do you have sharp vision and the ability to concentrate?
  • Are you interested in giving back to tennis some of what it has given you?
  • Have you considered becoming a tennis official?

What does an official do?

  • While serving as a referee, chair, roving or line umpire, a tennis official makes sure that a tennis match is conducted under the fairest possible conditions.

How do I become an official?

To become an official you must

  • Be a USTA member
  • Have eyesight correctable to 20/20
  • Pass a written test on rules and procedures

Where can I find officiating opportunities?

  • Junior and adult tournaments
  • State high school championships
  • District and sectional events
  • Collegiate matches
  • National championships
  • Satellite Series
  • Challenger Series
  • Professional events

Please click here to contact Denise Loveless-Forrest for information on becoming an official for Louisiana.

Click here for thelink to USTA Southern's website for more information regarding USTA Officials.



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