Self Rate
When and how do I get a Self-Rating?
If you are not sure that your computer rating is still valid because you have not played in a USTA League for a few years, go to TennisLink and under "Find NTRP Rating Info" put your USTA number in the search bar. If you show a 0.0, then you will need to self rate again. When you self rate, you will be assigned your last valid computer rating however you will have an opportunity to appeal your self rating.

To begin the process you will need your membership number. Click here and you will be connected directly to TennisLink.
The system knows all individuals with valid computer or current self rates. You will be asked to complete the self rate process if you are not in the system.
Self Rate Regulations

1.04F(1)d Players who do not have a valid NTRP rating level on file in TennisLink shall self-rate in accordance with the General & Experienced Player Guidelines – Supplement to the NTRP Guidelines and complete the self-rating process on TennisLink when registering for a team.  Players who allow someone else to complete the self-rating process for them will be ultimately responsible and held accountable for information submitted or omitted. Failure to self-rate in accordance with the Guidelines, or omission of information regarding a player’s tennis history, will subject the player as well as the captain and/or others who completed, assisted, condoned and/or approved an inappropriate self-rating to penalties and suspension. Players whose self-ratings are determined to be inaccurate or inappropriate shall be disqualified. (See Reg. 3.03E(1)a).

 1.04F(1)e Self-ratings are valid for two years from the date issued or until replaced by a dynamic or computer rating.

Appeal of a Computer Rating
You should see a link next to your number which says "Appeal Rating" where you may appeal.  You will receive a very quick response for either granted or denied. Once you select up or down and click submit at the bottom of the appeal page, your request is FINAL.



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