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THE CHARLES TURNER VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD: This award is presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding volunteer service to the Louisiana Tennis Association through their organization or Community Tennis Association. (Southern Award Nomination)

THE ACE AWARD: This award recognizes community excellence at the local level by patrons of the Community Tennis Associations. Nominations for the ACE that meet criteria for an existing award will be nominated in the other category. *Louisiana only award, does not advance to Southern.*

ADULT TOURNAMENT OF THE YEAR AWARD: This award is given annually to the Adult Tournament that stands out above all others. It must be well run and enjoyable for both players and spectators. Special tournament amenities such as player parties, food service, and player gifts are all considered. (Southern Award Nomination)

CHARITY EVENT OF THE YEAR: Presented to a tennis that donates its proceeds to a philanthropic cause. Winner receives $500 and the certificate of merit wins $250. (Not A Southern Award)

COMMUNITY TENNIS ASSOCIATION (CTA) OF THE YEAR: Recognizes a CTA, for outstanding service to the local tennis community, to the organization's members, and in general, to the game of tennis.

EDUCATIONAL MERIT AWARD: Recognizes an individual who has developed an outstanding tennis program, which provides leadership and inspiration in junior programs for schools, colleges, parks and playgrounds benefiting the growth of tennis in Louisiana. (Southern Award Nomination)

NEHEMIAH ATKINSON DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION CHAMPION AWARD: This award is presented to the individual or organization who demonstrates sustained commitment to diversity and inclusion through the following actions: Actively champions, visibly embraces and celebrates diversity on and off the court by employing goals and strategies that create an inclusive environment; Reaches out to a diverse audience through participation in community activities that celebrate diversity and inclusion; Provides leadership opportunities that reflect interest in individual traits, skills, and talents of others; and Proactively seeks opinions and gathers feedback from a diverse audience to gain additional perspectives and learn from others.

GUS RIVERA JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Two awards presented annually to a boy and girl Louisiana junior ranked player who has outstanding recognition of their tennis performance and sportsmanship. Winners chosen by the Junior Tennis Council Committee.

JUNIOR TOURNAMENT OF THE YEAR: Presented to the most outstanding USTA/LTA-Sanctioned Junior Tournament. Tournament must be enjoyable for both players and spectators, well organized, and include special amenities. (Southern Award Nomination)

LEAGUE TENNIS LEGEND AWARD:This award is chosen by the LTA league council and its presented to an individual in recognition of outstanding efforts in making the Adult League experience positive and enjoyable.

PATRON'S AWARD WINNER:Recognizes an individual or corporation for their significant contributions and support of community tennis. The award is nominated by the LTA Executive Committee.

PROGRAM OF THE YEAR AWARD: Presented annually to an innovated program for beginner juniors and/or adults with a high percentage of participants converting to USTA membership.

SPECIAL TENNIS EVENT OF THE YEAR AWARD: Presented to a special tennis event in the community and/or state that has been exemplary in the promotion and support of tennis.(Southern Award Nomination)

TEAM TENNIS EVENT OF THE YEAR AWARD: Presented to a USTA/LTA sanctioned event that demonstrates outstanding execution of a team event. (Southern Award Nomination)

TENNIS PROFESSIONAL OF THE YEAR: Honoring a tennis professional that demonstrates a significant contribution to the game of tennis through their promoting of the USA Tennis Pathway programs and their support of the USTA Mission Statement ("to promote and develop the sport of tennis”). All nominees MUST be either USPTA or USPTR. (Southern Award Nomination)

THE BEAU HOLTON TENNIS OFFICIAL OF THE YEAR: Presented to a tennis official who has made outstanding contributions to the cause of tennis officiating in their community and/or state. Winner chosen by the Officials Committee. (Southern Award Nomination)

THE Mickey McNulty FAMILY OF THE YEAR AWARD: Presented to a family that has been outstanding in their promotion of tennis in their community and/or state. (Southern Award Nomination)

MARILYN SHERMAN SPIRIT AWARD: The Marilyn Sherman Spirit Award is given annually to a staff member or volunteer who exemplifies extraordinary spirit in growing the game of tennis in the USTA Southern Section. (2014 Award Nomination)

WHEELCHAIR TENNIS EXCELLENCE AWARD: The Presented to a wheelchair tennis player, program, volunteer or tournament that demonstrates outstanding community service, on-court ability, event organization and overall promotion of the sport.

USTA LOUISIANA FACILITY AWARD: Recognition to an outstanding public tennis facility under the jurisdiction of a park & recreation program, an education institution, a non-profit corporation or a private and commercially owned and operated tennis facility with USTA and other growth programs open to the public. (Application Deadline: June 29, 2015, USTA Award Nomination)

ADULT LEAGUE COORDINATOR OF THE YEAR- This award recognizes the coordinator with the greatest increase in participation.

JUNIOR LEAGUE COORDINATOR OF THE YEAR- This award recognizes the coordinator with the greatest increase in junior participation.



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