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USTA Military, Veterans & Family Outreach - Tuesday, February 28, 2012
USTA Military, Veterans & Family Outreach
About USTA Military Outreach Program
The USTA has a firm commitment to military families and service members not just this year, but for years to come. In this first year, the USTA will reach, serve, and support the military with direct services impacting over 100,000 service members and their families. There exists a particular focus on geographically remote personnel and families living in civilian communities. The volunteer effort includes over 1100 Community Tennis Associations, NJTL chapters, Tennis Welcome Centers, and tennis organizations around the country. The USTA will achieve these goals through programs like USTA Serves Adopt-A-Unit, participation in Yellow Ribbon and Welcome Home events, Wounded Warrior tennis trainings and programs through Military medical hospitals, and through partnerships with other organizations like the National Recreation Foundation, USO, Freedom Alliance, Blue Star Mothers and more. This effort will continue to grow as our support strengthens. The USTA is honored to be serving the US Military.  More Information