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The LTA Evolution by:  Charles Turner
     The LTA, as most people know, started in the early 1970's.  It was managed and directed by a small group of dedicated tennis players who gave up their time and energy to help grow the game of tennis in Louisiana.
     Meetings were first held in private homes and were soon know as "kitchen table meetings".  Of those people designated to be representatives of the sport were Red Dumesnil and Bing Delatte in Lafayette and Dan Sandifer in Shreveport. 
     The first organized meetings were held at Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club, in 1975, with Dan Sandifer conducting the business.  Bing Delatte, the 1973/1974 President, Dan Sandifer's father-in-law, Charles and Betty Tourner, Gordon Traylor, Jerry Montgomery and Madelyn Boustany were in attendance.  These were the people who led the fortunes of the LTA during 1975/1976.
     In 1977 Madelyn Boustany assumed the office of President and things began to develop.  She requested Billy O. Wilson, a Baton Rouge Attorney and avid tennis player, to incorporate and establish by-laws that we could operate under.  Growth after that was outstanding.  Meetings were held on a quarterly basis, generally at the Bocage Racquet Club, in Baton Rouge, due to the central location.
     In 1979 Mr. Jim Kirby was President and meetings were held at his office in Baton Rouge, with the Annual Meeting at Bocage.  Tennis was starting to catch fire because of players like Conners, Borge and McEnroe leading the nations interest, and players in Louisiana were growing in great numbers.  About this time the USTA/STA began to funnel monies to the states to support growth and we first established the LTA office in 1981 in a motel suite and then later in an office building suite provided by Susan Donier on Jefferson Hwy in Baton Rouge.
     In 1985, during Charles Turner's term as President and with efforts of Sally and Tom Fink, the LTA relocated to the Harrell's Ferry address and remained there until 1995.  During this time Presdient Betty Turner, Sally Fink and Red Dumesnil worked to purchase the 1st office on Teddy Drive.  Thanks to Past President Wayne Bono, the LTA currently owns its 2nd structure located on Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge.  The office supports a staff of 5 people and efforts of many volunteers. 
Posted in memoriam to Charles Turner.

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