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Finance/Investments Committee
Finance/Investments Committee is responsible for annually making budget recommendations to the Executive Committee prior to the annual meeting; and submitting a treasurer's and investment report at the scheduled board meetings.
Disciplinary/Grievance Committee

The Disciplinary/Grievance Committee responsibilities are set forth in the By-Laws and including the enforcement of the Standards of Conduct and the USTA Louisiana Rules and Regulations; and investigation of all complaints and conduct hearings, etc.

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is responsible for support to the Executive Director by reviewing job descriptions, reviewing and recommending pay raises, reviewing annually the job performances of all employees. The committee is also responsible for recommending to the LTA board any changes and updates of the LTA personnel handbook.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee's responsibilities are set forth in the By-Laws and includes making nominations for officers, Area Representatives, and members of the Nominating Committee.


Adult Competition/Southern Senior Cup

The Adult Competition Committee is responsible for 1) studying all adult activities and making recommendations on all policies relating to adult competitive tennis; 2) development of uniform guidelines for ranking adult players; 3) solicitation of sites for USTA Louisiana Adult Sanctioned tournaments with recommendations from the Sanction and Scheduling Committee: 4) Coordination and promotion of all matters pertaining to senior competitive tennis; 5) coordination of the southern Senior cup Team Championships.
Junior Tennis Council Committee

The Junior Tennis council committee is responsible for 1) studying all junior activities including the High Performance Program and making recommendations on all policies and programs relating to junior tennis; 2) development of uniform guidelines for the ranking of junior players; 3) coordination of special events relating to junior tennis; 4) organization of USTA Louisiana Junior Inter-sectional Teams and Junior Davis cup/Junior Fed cup Teams; 6) make recommendations for Junior Championships to the Sanction and Scheduling Committee; 7) designating guidelines for Louisiana Endorsers who will select USTA quota for US:TA Junior championships.

Adult League Council

The Adult League Council is responsible for the organization and administration of Adult League Tennis Programs throughout the State.

Wheelchair Committee
The Wheelchair Committee is responsible for overseeing the effort to promote growth in all of wheelchair tennis, including but not limited to the following; 1) Sanctioning of wheelchair tournaments; 2) Setting up instructional wheelchair workshops; 3) Rankings; 4) Certifying professional wheelchair instructors; 5) Developing wheelchair tennis at the collegiate level; and 6) Overseeing an inclusive player database throughout the State.

Community Tennis Association Committee

The Community Tennis Association Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of; 1) all USTA community Tennis Associations and related services (education of local leaders, grants, and networking); 2) USTA programs and liaison with USTA committees governing them.

Tennis Officials Committee

The Tennis Officials Committee is responsible for; 1) solicitation of prospective umpires and referees; 2) teaching and training umpires and referees through umpire clinics and tournament workshops; 3) testing and certification of tennis officials; 4) recommending qualified directors/referees that can give assistance to tournaments upon request; 5) development of material that might be helpful to tournament directors related to tournament draws, scheduling and other problem area.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing all applications submitted, and awarding and presenting at the annual meeting the State recipient in each category.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee



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