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Finance/Investments Committee
The Finance and Investment Committee, under the direction of the Treasurer who serves as its Chair, oversees the finances of the LTA and is responsible for reporting to the Board about all fiscal matters pertaining to the LTA. The Finance and Investment Committee prepares the annual budget for approval by the Board. The Finance and Investment Committee is responsible for the management of LTA corporate investments such as its investment portfolio. The Finance and Investment Committee has the authority to engage an outside consultant to provide expert financial advice as needed.
Adult Tournament Committee


The Adult Tournament Committee is responsible for: (1) studying all adult activities and making recommendations on all policies relating to adult competitive tennis; (2) development of uniform guidelines for ranking adult players; (3) solicitation of sites for USTA Louisiana Adult Sanctioned tournaments with recommendations from the Tournament and Sanctioning Committee; (4) coordination and promotion of all matters pertaining to senior competitive tennis; and(5) coordination of the Southern Senior Cup Team Championships.

Adult League Committee

The Adult League Council is responsible for the organization and administration of Adult League Tennis Programs throughout the State.

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing all applications submitted, and awarding and presenting at the annual meeting the LTA recipient in each category.


Community Tennis Association Committee

The Community Tennis Association Committee shall be composed of a Chairman, the five Regional Representatives and such other persons as shall be named by the President. The Committee shall be responsible for overseeing the orderly development of Community Tennis Associations ("CTA”) and their development of grass roots tennis programs in the State of Louisiana and evaluating the performance of CTAs on a timely basis. The Committee shall evaluate requests for LTA grants and make recommendations to the Board about the grants. In reviewing any request for funding from the LTA, the Committee shall take into consideration, among other things, the financial status of the Community Tennis Association making the request.
Grievance Committee

 The Grievance Committee is responsible for handling Grievances as set forth in these Bylaws.

The Grievance Committee is comprised of at least three committee members plus a Chair. In the event any of the Grievance Committee members are unable to participate or recuse themselves from a grievance proceeding, the President must appoint their replacement(s) for that particular grievance.

Junior Competition Committee

The Junior Competition Committee ("JCC”) is comprised of at least five committee members plus a Chair. The JCC works with the LTA staff liaison in adhering to USTA and STA rules and regulations governing junior tennis as it pertains to Louisiana. The JCC Chair serves as the LTA’s District Endorser in the selection of Louisiana players to compete in the Southern Closed Championships, and the Chair presides over the JCC which meets to choose those players based on the applicable rules and regulations. The JCC organizes and oversees the Junior Qualifying Tournament for eligibility for the Southern Closed. The JCC also chooses the players and coaches to represent Louisiana at the Southern Junior Cup Championships. The JCC also proposes junior tournament rules and regulations for the LTA where appropriate. The JCC also oversees Junior Team Tennis in Louisiana.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for developing a plan to maximize the promotion of LTA, STA and USTA programs.
Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee serves to foster the development of tennis in diverse communities throughout the State of Louisiana and to include members of those communities in LTA governance, as well as participation in programs, leagues and tournaments.

Public Parks Committee

The Public Parks Committee is responsible for producing a general annual assessment of the Louisiana State Public Tennis Facilities with the intent of educating the Board on public tennis concerns. Topics covered should include facilities, problems and issues this Committee feels relevant to the growth and/or survival of public tennis facilities in Louisiana. The assessment will be presented annually at a Board meeting designated by the President.

Tournament and Sanctioning Committee

The Tournament and Sanctioning Committee shall be responsible for recommending proposed tournament rules and regulations for approval by the Board governing Junior and Adult sanctioned tournaments in Louisiana. The Chair of the Committee has the authority to appoint representatives of the LTA to assist and oversee any sanctioned tournament in the state of Louisiana. The Committee shall be responsible in conjunction with the STA for organizing the Louisiana Adult and Junior Circuits, sanctioning and scheduling all tournaments, within the boundaries of the LTA. The committee shall meet at least annually and shall make recommendations for the awarding of the LTA Junior and Adult championships to members bidding therefore at the Annual Meeting. Final decisions shall be made by the STA membership at its annual meeting.

Tennis Officials Committee

The Tennis Officials Committee is responsible for: (1) Solicitation of prospective umpires and referees; (2) Teaching and training umpires and referees through umpire clinics and tournament workshops; (3) Testing and certification of tennis officials; (4) Recommending qualified directors/referees that can give assistance to tournaments upon request; (5) Development of material that might be helpful to tournament directors related to tournament draws and scheduling.

Wheelchair Committee

The Wheelchair Committee is responsible for overseeing the effort to promote growth in all of wheelchair tennis, including but not limited to the following: (1) Sanctioning of wheelchair tournaments; (2) Setting up instructional wheelchair workshops; (3) Rankings; (4) Certifying professional wheelchair instructors; (5) Developing wheelchair tennis at the collegiate level; and (6) Overseeing an inclusive player database throughout the State.


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