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10 Guidelines for Better Youth Coaching and 10 Things A Parent Should Look for in a Coach - Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Are you following these 10 guidelines to better youth coaching?

1. Reward hard work and effort.
2. Keep it fun.
3. Implement specific skills.
4. Implement general athleticism.
5. Keep instructions easy to understand.
6. Donít compare the better kids to others.
7. Allow them to make mistakes.
8. Implement more games in your sessions.
9. Compliment in public, criticize in private.
10. Keep track of the time.

Choosing a Coach for their child:

1. They have experience in the field, especially working with the level your child is at.
2. They are development minded and follow a long term athlete development plan.
3. They have a passion for what they do.
4. They have a connection with your child.
5. They keep sessions fun, engaged and challenging.
6. They have good teaching ethics as well as have good core values and principles.
7. Your child is excited to see them and go to practices.
8. They communicate well with you, the parent.
9. They are continually eager to learn and better themselves as coaches.
10. They teach life skills and not just athletic/game skills


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