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2014 18 & Over Sectionals South Carolina - Monday, July 28, 2014

Adult 18 & Over Sectional Tournament took place this past weekend in South Carolina. Congrats to the Mandeville 2.5 Women on a great win this weekend.

Louisiana did very well as we put five teams in the finals overall which was the highest number of any state with one team winning. Below are the stats from the weekend:

2.5 Women LA beats KY in final

3.0 Women TN beats NC in final

3.5 Women AL beats LA in final

4.0 Women NC beats LA in final

4.5 Women NC beats TN in final

3.0 Men MS beats LA in final

3.5 Men AL beats GA in final

4.0 Men GA beats MS in final

4.5 Men - SC beats LA in final

It was a tough weekend of good tennis so a big congratulations to all of the LA teams competing at Sectionals!


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