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3.5 Senior Men’s Team (Last Minute, Captained by Toni Davila) departed this week for Indian Wells, CA - Friday, October 21, 2011
3.5 Sr. Men
3.5 Senior Men's Team (Last Minute, Captained by Toni Davila) departed this week for Indian Wells, CA, to compete in the 3.5 Senior Men's National Championship. Team members are: Mark Vanlandingham, Bill Bravender, Tony Davila, Meade Phelps, SImon Nguyen, Grady Hardy, Alebert Briones, Miguel Rangel, Jeff Lind, Matt Vehaskari, Barry Reed, Michael Penwell, John Versher,Edward Methe & Michael Landry.  They will be competing against the best teams in the country.

The format for the competition has the country divided into 4 regions. The winners of the four regions advance to the semi-finals. Their region is composed of the Eastern Sectional Champions (Manhattan), the Missouri Valley Sectional Champions(Kansas City), the Caribbean Sectional Champions(Puerto Rico) and the Southern Sectional Champions(New Orleans).

1st match is on Friday, 12:30pm against the powerful Manhattan team.

2nd match is on Saturday, 7:30am, against the powerful Puerto Rican team.

3rd match is on Saturday, 12:30pm, against the powerful Kansas City team.

It is the first time any of the team's players have played in a National Championship and are looking forward to the opportunity/challenge.  The team will do their best to represent the City of New Orleans, the State of Louisiana and all the teams that participated in the Southern Sectional Championship.

The team can be followed at:


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