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Congratulations to Louisiana Once Again - Sunday, August 7, 2011
3.5 Sr. Women's Champion
The second session of the worlds largest tennis tournament concluded Sunday and Louisiana added to its fine group of teams from Session I to go to Nationals. Louisiana had four teams in the finals this morning consisting of the 3.0 Senior Women from Lake Charles, 3.5 Senior Women from Lafayette, 3.5 Senior Men from New Orleans and 4.0 Adult Women from Mandeville. The 3.0 Senior Women, 3.5 Senior Women and 3.5 Senior Men won and will be going to Nationals in October.
The 3.0 Senior Women said they came to Sectionals to win a set and win they did. They had a nail biter in the final which came down to the last court in a third set tie break. After being up and then down, they closed it out 11-9 in the third. More high drama was going on with the 3.5 Senior Women as their match came down to the last court as well. With Lafayette taking the first set, the second set was back and forth and went to a second set tiebreak. The tie break was no different......back and forth and Lafayette pulled it out. An interesting side note to both the 3.0 and 3.5 Senior Women matches was that both Louisiana teams were playing against two South Carolina teams. Both matches were side by side and all up and down a single row of courts where you could here the chant of Choot Em Lizabeth!!! from the tv show Swamp People. It was fun to watch!   Also both the 3.0 and 3.5 Senior Women's matches finished within minutes of each other. Congrats to South Carolina as both matches truly went to the team that did not blink first!
The 3.5 Senior Men from New Orleans brought all their players to Mobile and had tough hard fought matches the entire tournament. They played Kentucky in the final and squeaked out a 2-1 victory.
The 4.0 Women battled strong all tournament and met up with an even stronger Alabama team. Once again Louisiana was tied with the last court deciding the match. This time Louisiana was not so lucky and the Mandeville team just falling short of victory. This was not the first time Louisiana fell short to Alabama in the finals this tournament. Alabama was strong this year just as we were.
The heat was once again a major issue. The heat was such a major concern that the tournament committee decided prior to the captains meeting to push the matches starting after 12:00 PM back one hour to give the players more rest time between matches. To say the heat was oppressive would be a huge understatement. Congrats to all the players for just surviving the heat!
Freddy Bailey


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