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Drew Meyers- President's Letter "Become a Member" - Monday, March 3, 2014

You love the game. You play several times a week or just a few times a month. You have made lifelong friends through tennis. You can’t wait until the next challenge the tennis court and your opponent present. You were once a USTA member, but you do not play League or sanctioned tournaments, so there is no reason to be a member of the USTA. However, did you know that a significant portion of your membership dollars are directed back into your community? Did you know that with those dollars, your community tennis association and the Louisiana Tennis Association (LTA) help organize, support, and promote local programs that bring the sport that you love to others?

Your USTA membership has a far ranging and positive impact on the lives of many others.
For years, our members have enjoyed programs like League tennis or tournaments or Junior Team Tennis. Those programs are just one aspect of your USTA membership. Your USTA membership also allows our community tennis associations to support programs for disadvantaged youth, wheelchair tennis, and grass roots programming, to name just a few. Your membership allows us to send as many junior players as possible to Southern Championships and possibly to National Championships. Your community may have the next Chanda Rubin or Ryan Harrison who is hoping for that opportunity to compete.

Tennis is aging. The average age of an American tennis player is 55 years old. Tennis needs an infusion of young players. Your USTA membership helps us spread the word and attract our youth to a sport they can play for the rest of their lives. The LTA is committed to growing the game particularly in the areas of Junior Team Tennis, high school tennis, and at our colleges with the Tennis On Campus program.

How can you help?

Simply go to and click on the "JOIN TODAY OR RENEW” button at the top right. Please consider a family or a lifetime membership. Joining is easy and takes just a few minutes. If you have any questions, please call the Louisiana Tennis Association (800-879-8035) or your local community tennis association. You can also go to which will have links to your community tennis association.

Your membership helps us bring this great sport that we love to many who otherwise may never have the opportunity to hit an ace, complete a great comeback, or make new friends on the tennis court.
So, what can you do to bring tennis and its many benefits to others?


Drew Meyers, President
Louisiana Tennis Association


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