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Glady Trahan Ribbon Cutting Ceremony October 20, 2012 - Friday, October 26, 2012

Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die

It could not have been a more beautiful morning, Saturday, October 20 when several members of the Crowley community gathered for quite a momentous occasion, the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Glady Trahan Tennis Centre.

"I was wondering if anyone would be here with the Rice Festival going on but then I realized that there would be enough Trahan’s here to fill up the stands regardless of if anyone else showed up,” said Crowley Mayor Greg Jones. And the Trahan’s surely were all there!

All of his children Pat, Tom Trahan, Pete Trahan, Phil, Federal Judge John Trahan, Mary Ann Hundley, Mary Cumbus and Laura Frank, his grandchildren and of course their mother Mary. Families came in droves with their young children excited to get in the action and participate in the kid’s clinic led by son Phil Trahan, teaching them hitting techniques and movement on the court.

Tim Robicheaux , Crowley Director of Recreation, might have said it the best, "He truly found his purpose in life, and what a profound impact he made on so many lives.” It was evident the lives that Glady touched throughout his time here and that was told in several stories from family members and friends throughout the morning. Glady learned the rules and game of tennis after visiting the library and teaching himself the game after two courts sat unused right by his house.

"Hold the tennis racquet like a hammer”, a common saying Glady used during all of his lessons. Tim went on to explain that Glady helped teach hundreds to play tennis and taught thousands of tennis lessons, "only about 50 percent probably signed up for these lessons, the others might not have had a choice”, which seemed to get several laughs from the crowd.

"Tennis is the key that will unlock the doors to the finest homes in America” said Phil Trahan. Glady’s love of the game and passion for tennis can now be forever remembered in not just his former students but now in all those that will follow in his footsteps. This accomplishment is huge because of the programs that will now be available to the Crowley community, "that’s where his heart is, the instruction and competition, that is what he will appreciate the most.”


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