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Kentucky Blue Acers In the JTT Championship Against All Odds - Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lost By Two Points , Down a Player , Kentucky Team Advances

Adversity Only Brings You Back Stronger

"We lost by two points, just two points!” said Mark Prude, coach of the Blue Acers. But here in Auburn, look at the enthusiastic team, it was hard to see the sadness that affected the team in their last tournament.

The seven-member Blue Acers, although suffering an extremely close loss in the Kentucky 14 Intermediate Championships were called a week afterwards and told they would be a wild card for the Championships in Auburn this weekend!

"I am so extremely excited and pumped, especially since it is my first trip here; that is besides the long drive!” said Molly Shannon.

Since being invited to Auburn the team jumped right into training and practice, with serving the ball their number one priority for this tournament. But, there was one other small detail.

With a little prying, the team pushed young Carly Hopkins, standing in the back row, to the front and said, "Tell them why we are going to win this time.”

Apparently Carly was unable to attend the state tournament with her team due to her grandpa being ill and in the hospital. "We didn’t want her back anyways,” said a joking Chloe Waggoner and Molly. The truth is that the girls and boys are all extremely close and, without Carly, the team would have been down a player and down an important competitor.

With everything they have gone through it is easy to see how strong willed they are and that there is nothing that is going to stop them this time!

So now with defeat on the back burner and, of course, regaining a very special teammate, they are determined to only leave with one thing…..A win!


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