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Shreveport: Five Local Teams Win Combo Tournaments - Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sites, pros win awards

By Matt Vines

Five local tennis teams won tourna­ments in November at the Louisiana Adult Tennis State Combo held in Shreve­port- Bossier and Monroe.

Three teams won in the18-and-over di­vision while two more took home titles in the 40-and-over tournaments.

Jared Bassett’s men’s team won at 5.5 level in the 18-and-over. Members in­clude David Risher, Nick Vergis, Steven Floyd, Bobby Horne, Cody Colvin, Ale­jandro Huertas, Andrew Marshall, Chris Mudd, John Harter and Ryan Carter. They call Bossier Tennis Center home.

Eric Zimmer’s men’s team won at the 6.5 level in the 18-and-over. Members in­clude Joey Harris, James Monday, Brad Wood, Allen Frederick, Jared Bassett, Steven Floyd, Eugene Enevoldson, Den­nis Bamburg, John Harter, Clark Chan­dler, Josh Alexander, and Chris Mudd. They also play out of Bossier Tennis Cen­ter.

Suzie Morrison’s women’s team out of Querbes Tennis Center won at the 8.5 lev­el in the 18-and-over. Members include Diane Cord, Brittany Chandler, Carolyn Bickham, Maude Mack, Tammie Wil­liams, Anne Jenkins, Catherine Jacobs, Emily Truong, Elise Trahant, Kim Har­per, Valerie Quarles, and Melissa Ma­larcher.

Two other teams won in the 40-and­over category won.

Ann Wimberly‘s team out of Querbes captured the 5.5 level crown with Gloria Smith, Patti Walker, Melissa Brown, Jodi Marvin, Robin Trahan, Danita Rentz, Jo­anna Marks, Paula Jones, Kimberly Pat­terson, Katherine Firmin, and Jina Bou­taloth.

Dusty Rowland’s squad won the 7.5 level title with Peggy McCrary, Gretchen Boggs, Sandra Botzong, Gina Almond, Babs Legan, Tammie Harris, Tracey Bar­row, Rhonda Rubben, and Tracy Meehan. They play at the Bossier Tennis Center.

Each team in the combo tournament must fill three courts of doubles and win two courts to take the match. Two players on each team are playing at different lev­els.

The tournaments brought more than 400 tennis players and $400,000 to the area, according to Shelly Naisbitt, com­munity coordinator at the Northwest Louisiana Community Tennis Associa­tion.

Several local centers and pros recent­ly won state and regional awards.

Dan Beedle, a tennis professional at Querbes Tennis Center, won the Louisi­ana and Southern tennis professional of the year. The southern region includes nine states.

Other state awards include adult tour­nament of the year (Bossier Tennis Cen­ter), and national junior tennis and learn­ing chapter of the year (NWLACTA).

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