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St. Martin Named "Community Tennis Hero" for Baton Rouge - Monday, January 9, 2012
St. Martin Named "Community Tennis Hero" for Baton Rouge

St. Martin Named "Community Tennis Hero" for Baton Rouge

The Greater Baton Rouge Community Tennis Association has named Eugene St. Martin of Baton Rouge as its inaugural "Community Tennis Hero," based on his lifelong work in teaching and promoting tennis among all ages and abilities.

"Eugene St. Martin was the obvious and overwhelming favorite to be selected for this significant award. It is impossible to measure the breadth and depth of Eugene's positive influences in Baton Rouge tennis over the last 30 years," said Rusty Jabour, GBRCTA President.

St. Martin accepted the engraved-crystal award in his typical, humble fashion, crediting the entire tennis community for his receipt of the award.

"This isn't my award, although I'm honored to have been chosen. Instead, it is an honor to everyone in our tennis community that I've had the opportunity to work with and that have supported me ... the students, fellow instructors, park and club personnel and so many others."

Yvette Marshall, GBRCTA Secretary and Tennis Manager for the Baton Rouge Recreation and Parks Commission (BREC), announced St. Martin's choice before nearly 200 tennis enthusiasts who attended the GBRCTA Captains' Party, Dec. 15, at Baton Rouge Country Club.

Marshall cited many of St. Martin's accomplishments that she said "made Eugene the perfect recipient" for the first year of the award. Those accomplishments and public service include:

  • Teaching tennis and supporting the sport in the Baton Rouge area for 32 years
  • Working 28 years with the National Junior Tennis League (NJTL)
  • Conducting an annual charity tennis tournament for the Sertoma Club to benefit hearing-impaired persons
  • Assisting in the founding of the Highland Park Tennis Association in 1976
  • Working to promote wheelchair tennis since 1984
  • Helping promote tennis as a competitive event for the International Special Olympics
  • Attending the U.S. Open Tennis Teaching Conference in New York for 30 years
  • Becoming an expert in clay court management while working at the Baton Rouge Country Club


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