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TENNIS WANTS YOU! - Friday, February 24, 2012
Tennis Wants You!!


Tennis is the greatest sport ever devised by man. There is no sport which makes demand upon the mental and physical abilities of humans like tennis. It is also a sport that any person can enjoy no matter how young or old, male or female, or level of play. Just grab a racket and a can of tennis balls and you are good to go.

The greatest part about tennis, however, is not necessarily the thrill of winning that big match or improving your game so that you can hit that big second serve when it's break point. The greatest part is the relationships that you build through tennis. I still count those with whom I played tennis when I was 10 years old as my best friends. Even though that was 40 plus years ago and I don't see them as much as I would prefer, our friendship remains strong. Likewise, my "new" tennis friends such as my teammates on my league mixed doubles team or the people I have come to know through the LTA, have become great friends as well. Essentially, tennis is about relationships, and I am most of all grateful to this sport for that aspect.

So, are you in? Is your family in? If not, please accept this invitation to go all in to tennis. Join a league, captain a Jr. Team Tennis team for your children (no tennis experience required!!), or just head out to the park or club and hit some with your kids. There are programs for all ages and levels of play, and there is something out there just for you and your family. If you don't know where to start, please call your local community tennis association (contact info is on this website) or the LTA. We'll try to point you in the right direction and help get you on the path to enjoying the greatest sport ever devised by man.

Hoping to see you at the courts,

Drew Meyers


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