For Your 2017 Junior Age Eligibility/Playing Day Limitations

III. Junior Ranking Requirements

A.) Boys & Girls – 10 & under Play

1.) Singles – Players must play in three Louisiana sanctioned tournaments, two of which must be designated and/or Level 3 Louisiana tournaments and one other sanctioned tournament. All players meeting these requirements will be ranked alphabetically.

2.) Doubles – will be ranked on the basis of records available from sanctioned tournaments. All players will be ranked alphabetically.

B.) Boys & Girls – 12 & under through 18 & Under.

1.) Singles – must play in at least three Louisiana sanctioned tournaments, two of which must be from the following "designated tournaments: and/or Level 3 Louisiana tournament list:

Franco’s Junior State Closed Winter Warm-Up Championships (Mandeville), City Club

State Closed Junior Championships (Lafayette), LA State Junior Open Championships

(Shreveport), Louisiana State Closed Junior Qualifying (Lafayette), Pelican State Open

Junior Championships (Alexandria), Bocage Junior State Open Championships (Baton

Rouge), Louisiana Claycourt State Junior Open Championships (New Orleans), LA Spring

Championships, YMCA Junior Championships, Red River Shoot Out Junior

Championships, and one other sanctioned tournament. Playing in three of the designated tournaments may also satisfy the requirement. Players participating in Super Nationals, National Opens or Zonals must play in two designated tournaments, but may substitute one National Championship, National Open or Zonal in his or her age division for the other Louisiana tournament required for ranking. This substitution is a one-for-one substitution of the national tournament for the state tournament. Players are urged to timely check the tentative rankings published in December each year to ascertain their ranking status.

2.) Doubles – must play two sanctioned tournaments, at least one of which are those listed in the designated event.

3.) Waivers – All waiver requests are to be submitted in writing to the LTA to the attention of the Chairman of the Junior Tennis Council (JTC). No waivers will be given for junior designated tournaments with the exception of the following:

a.) A tournament eligible for an individual already attending college given a written verification from his/her college coach.

b.) Any player suffering a death in his/her immediate family at any point during the duration of the event

VII. Final Rankings

A.) Tentative Rankings will be posted on the LTA website, Louisianatennis.com, in mid-December. Appeals of tentative rankings, accompanied by complete and accurate records, must be made in writing to the Louisiana Tennis Association Office, "Attention Ranking Chairman” by the deadline posted on the website. Misrepresentation of omission of material facts is sufficient cause to deny any protest. Final rankings will be published on the website in January and included in the LTA Yearbook.

Please check the junior page at www.LouisianaTennis.com for updates/changes on a regular basis



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